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Apriori Naked

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Sphynx kittens available

We're CFA and TICA registered cattery from 2003. We work for sphynx breed quality - great exterior, strong health and excellent temperament.
I like sphynxes with strong body, thick wrinkled skin, short wide head with round cheekbones, good chin and big well-opened ears. If you like the same so you're welcome.


Almost all sphynxes live with us in our country house except three males living with my parents. So a lot of space for games and pranks :-) Kittens involved in family's life daily and well socialized. They're like little funny monkeys not afraid of anything, they're curious and active.


All kittens are neutered/spayed before leaving AprioriNaked Sphynx Cattery. If you're serious official registered breeder we can discuus the possibility of selling kitten for your cattery.


Worldwide shipping with the courier.

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You can look our sphynx kittens from the last litters in the



 We have new babies, please write to get more information





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