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Apriori Naked

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About Cattery

'You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed!'
Antoine de Saint-Exupery



Let me introduce myself and my family. My name is Svetlana. As my parents I was born and live in Moscow. I've grown in happy intelligent family and grateful to my parents they give me great potential for my future and life. My husband was born in Moscow too and has grown in family of scientists. He studied in Academy of Federal Security Service of Russia but now he's commercial director of Russian office of large European company. I'm clinical psychologist, my work gives me great pleasure and satisfaction. Also I create jewelry and home furnishings and interested in decorating and refurbishing.
Cats are my favourite hobby, they can feel our mood and emotions, heal our soul and body, give us hope and calm.
The first time I saw sphynxes at CFA show in 2003. I've been very surprised by such exotic appearance and peculiar temperament, I admired with their unique grace and expression, great skill to understand and love people. Just I've taken sphynx on my hands I had no doubts - I really want to see, touch and communicate with these extravagant cats every day!
I gathered information about sphynx breed, history, origin, sphynx blood lines and genetics. I visited CFA and TICA shows to speak with sphynx breeders and judges about the breeding & showing cats, about sphynx temperament, sphynx health and care. I wanted to know all about these cats, each detail was interesting. As soon as I knew sphinxes better, I understood it was right choice.

I believe all animals especially cats can understand and feel people. They are happy when we love them and sad if we care about them not enough. So it was serious decision to start my own sphynx cattery, cause I had to be sure I'm able to love and care for each of my cats and kittens.

I try to get best lines such as Godz, Le L'Amitie, Bemisu, Classytouch, Crystalskye, Foxwellhall, Kittypen, Vande Balds, Taldi, Wildwood and others. I want to see my kittens strong and happy so I'm interested to include new healthy lines in my program. 

I get a lot of support from my family; they really help me in all things, so we do the best together. Cause sphynxes give us great inspiration and do our life more joyful, kind and happy.

AprioriNaked sphynx cattery is registered in CFA. You can read about our show successes and awards in OUR AWARDS.

I've got acquainted with many interesting people and found new friends. I want to say GREAT THANKS to all people, breeders and judges who support and help me!
I would like to co-operate and be on friendly terms with people who love sphinxes like me and  want to keep these unique cats for the future generations.

I wish success and sincere love to cats for all breeders and people who just think to breed cats!


Sincerely yours,
Svetlana Evseeva
AprioriNaked Sphynx Cattery