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Adoption contract

AprioriNaked Sphynx Cattery (CFA reg #215306) hereinafter - The Seller, represented by Svetlana Evseeva and _____________ The Purchaser have agreed that


The Seller agrees to sell and the Purchaser agrees to buy the following described kitten/cat:


Breed: Sphynx (SPH)







Sold to:


The Purchaser:




The price of the kitten/cat is ______ euro and would be totally paid not less than 2 weeks prior shipping or before. All shipping, insurance and airline carrier charges shall be paid by the Purchaser. The Seller is not liable for cats or kittens lost, stolen, injured or damaged after acceptance on board by the airline carrier. It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to file a claim with the airline if shipments are lost, damaged, delayed, or results in mortality.


Deposits of ______ euro are required to reserve the kitten/cat. All deposits are non-refundable.


This kitten/cat is purchased for:  PET, SHOW/PET or SHOW/BREED.


The Purchaser will exhibit the SHOW/BREED (SHOW/PET) kitten/cat on at least 3 (three) TICA, CFA or FIFe Cats’ shows within two years from the moment of purchase.


Under no circumstances The kitten/cat or the offspring from this kitten/cat shall to be sold or placed for breeding purposes nor shall it be used in any new breed program. Under no circumstances the offspring from this kitten/cat shall to be sold in Russia.


The kitten/cat may not be placed, sold or leased to another cattery, home or program for the purpose of breeding without written permission of the Seller. All terms of this Contract shall be transferred to the new owner, who shall be fully responsible for compliance with the same.


The Purchaser shall always keep the Seller informed of the whereabouts of the kitten/cat and will notify the Seller of any change of address, phone number, etc.


The kitten/cat will not be given, leased or sold to any pet store, research laboratory or animal shelter under any circumstances.


The kitten/cat is sold as inside door cat only.


The kitten/cat will be supplied with fresh water and dry food of Premium or Super Premium class at all times.


The kitten/cat has been hand-raised under foot (not in cage) by the Seller and will not to be raised in a cage by the Purchaser.


The kitten/cat care including nail trimming, baths and ear cleanings shall be performed regularly as needed.


The kitten/cat will NOT be declawed.


The kitten/cat is guaranteed to be healthy at the time of leaving the Cattery. The veterinary check must be done within 5 days after delivery. The Purchaser agrees to have kitten examined by a licensed Veterinarian in 5 days of taking possession. Failure to do so or to notify Seller of adverse findings within 5 days renders this health guarantee void.


If on the required initial medical visit the purchaser’s veterinarian declares that the kitten/cat was not healthy when leaving the cattery, the Purchaser can return the kitten/cat back to the Seller and get payments back, less reserve payment and shipping costs. In this case shipping costs for the return trip will be equally divided between the Seller and the Purchaser.


If during the first 12 months of the cat’s life a serious genetic disease will be revealed, the Seller will offer a similar quality kitten/cat when one becomes available. The first breeding of The kitten/cat earlier than 12 months old renders this health guarantee void. The confirmed diagnosis of genetic disease only is a subject for the compensation. The consideration of genetic will be subject to the evaluation of the Seller's veterinarian, the Purchaser's veterinarian and, if required, a third veterinarian unrelated to either party. NOTE: This clause is NOT applicable for Feline Infectious Peritonitis.


The Seller will not be liable for any illness, health problem or behavioral disorder that could occur in the future, with the exception of the serious genetic disease of the kitten/cat. The Purchaser will give qualitative timely veterinary service to the kitten/cat as needed. The Purchaser will keep the sequence of preventive vaccination and deworming. The Seller does not compensate any cost of medical treatment and check-up. 


The Seller will accept the return of the kitten/cat should the Purchaser not be able to keep the animal or find a suitable new owner if the need arises. In this case the Purchaser has no right to any compensation from the Seller.


It is understood that hairlessness of Sphynx cats varies. No guarantee can be made of the quality of hairlessness after a placement in a new environment. Many factors affect hairlessness, including temperature of the cat’s environment, time of year, type of bedding, and attire worn by the cat. Furthermore, it is understood that genetics play an important role in hairlessness and no feline is completely hairless.


Any video or text information about the kitten/cat published by the Purchaser in mass-media, on sites and forums of Internet, should contain the full name of the kitten/cat with the obligatory name the AprioriNaked cattery’s prefix. 


In the event the Purchaser is found to have violated any of the terms of this contract, the Purchaser will be liable to the Seller for damages in the amount of the purchase price of said kitten/cat plus costs resulting from litigating this contract. The Purchaser may also be responsible for damages to the name and goodwill of the AprioriNaked Sphynx Cattery.


This document is a legally binding contract. Seller and Purchaser signatures indicate full agreement and approval of all the above terms and conditions of this contract. All additions must be initialed by both parties. If faxed, both parties recognize the facsimile copy as an original.




Address: Moscow. Russia. 115597                                            Address:

Phone: +7-916-186-7677                                                         Phone:


Signature of the Seller:                                                        Signature of the Purchaser: